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is not the only state battling over voter id laws. texas has a case going before a federal judge right now. we will talk to greg abbott coming up in our next hour. >>> who leaked what and when? house judiciary chairman lamar smith is demanding president obama provide access to current and former senior white house officials for an teargas on the national security -- for an teargas on the leagues. some say it was orchestrated by the white house to improve president obama's election chances. a claim the president calls, quote, offensive. congressman smith joins us now. you sent the letter to the white house. what specifically are you asking for? >> what we are doing is we want to question seven individuals starting with the national security advisor, and then other national security advisors as well about the extent of these numerous leaks that have jeopardized national security and endangered american lives. we can't get that information unless we talk to these individuals. we are hoping the president will allow us to do so. >> in a letter you sent to the president you said concern about these
on texas over voter id. voter fraud, and the lone star state coming up. >>> and there are some of the stories making news at the bottom of the hour. syria is now denying that its forces used heavy weapons during a mass killing in a village on thursday. opposition activists say tanks and helicopters killed at least 220 people. in mexico city thousands of demonstrators are taking to the streets there. they are protesting the results of the recent presidential election. candidates accuse the winning party of campaign fraud. and new york city firefighters put out a fire at a popular tourist spot downtown. several hundred folks are at the seaport when the fire broke out. thankfully no one was hurt. >>> this is a hot button issue, and it is building in washington right now. senate democrats are pushing a one-year tax cut proposal for americans earning $200,000 or less. now, the move is likely setting the stage for a big showdown for republicans over extending the bush tax cuts which will expire at the end of the year. wendy long who is a republican candidate in new york, and it is gr
have seen conservatives all over texas unite because the stakes in our country are too high. and people are tired of the nasty, cynical, false character attacks. and our campaign, we have not responded in kind. we have never once impugned his character. we have kept the issue -- the race focused on the issues and focused on his record and my record. that's where texans and want deserve to have the focus. >> shannon: i want to ask but real big endorsements that have come your way, throughout the primary runoff. sarah palin, rick santorum, senator jim demint. your opponent has said are, he doesn't think it's right for big names from out of state to tell texans how it vote, referring to texas. do you think it will be a plus or a minus for you? >> they're an incredible benefit. i'll tell you, wree we have seen conservatives all over texas and all over the country unit -- unite behind this race. this is ground zero in the national battle between the moderate sceament, desperately clinging to power and the trveggative tidal wave sweeping the country. we have seen just about every major conser
out and bring significant amount of rain to eastern parts of texas as well in towards the tennessee valley and mid-atlantic states. a lot of moisture moving in towards the southeast. it will be a bit gloomy but means that temperatures are really dropping down. look at monday's temperatures. 86 in minneapolis. around the 80's in the great lakes. still a little bit above average but much improved where we've been in the last 30 days. a big pattern shift that will make everybody very, very happy. >> shannon: a welcomed one. thanks very much. >> you bet. >> shannon: a north carolina teen has been in a coma for more than a year and now the hospital is fighting his father to determine who will make his medical decisions. is the hospital overstepping its bounds or doing its duty for a patient? we'll have a fair and balanced debate. the navy turns to biofuel to fuel its green fleet. we'll tell you why next. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which
. heavy rains caused flash flooding and houston sex sex --- texas is under water after receiving rain. the massive down pours are causing problems. but raising hope that it is rain will end the drought condition in southeast texas. texas is one of 26 states that have natural disasters due to drought and blazing heat that is taking a tollon crops. we'll have more on this story. what can you tell us? >> good afternoon to you uma. no relief is in site for the weekend for the already parched midwest. temperatures are expected to climb in the nines and triple-digits . christmas tree sapplings are shriveling up. and it is causing the price of these commodities to strike. indiana is the epi center and spreading to illinois and iowa and the country's largest corn grower. it is not enough to make a difference. there is just no available moisture in the soul. we should be able to make a ball out of it. but it is just like sand. >> many people are comparing it to the dust bowl that not only destroyed crops but live stock as well foo much water playinging the country. flash flood watches in the s
is best for texas. >> there is a lot of the people who don't intimately and expertly know how texas operates and come in and endorsed in the race and with all due respect. i respect each one of those individuals, but they don't know how texas works and if they did, they would endorse david dehurst. >> that race has been a nasty one. both sides exchanging bitir attack ads. both candidates, and we'll tune in tomorrow 12:50 eastern time for that. look being at the focus now and details of the alleged colorado shooter. word that he was treated by a psychiatrist at the university he attended. hundreds of miles away from colorado two more victims will be laid to rest. elizabeth is joining us live from aurora with more on this. >> hi, uma, grieving and mourning continuous as funerals continue all day. jessica, the young sports journalist will be laid to rest in san antonio. and matt oquinlaid to rest in ohio . he shielded his girl frepped from gun fire. they will have a memorial service in buckley air force base. the defendant was seeing a university of colorado psyche trimpt they wanted i
children and gordon's family said he was a true texas gentleman. a vigil will take place at aurora city hall at aches o'clock 30. >> thank you very much. later on, my colleague, jon scott, will talk to a friend of a victim, a woman who was saved by her friend who, dove in front of a bullet for her. that's not the only amazing story. others are telling about their chilling brushes with death, like the neighbor who nearly went into the booby-trapped apartment. >> at that point, i knocked on the door, hard, trying to get someone's attention. i noticed there wasn't any voices, as if there were a party going on, which struck me as odd joyou put your hand on the door and tried to knock. >> i d. i tried the knob. it seemed like it was unlocked. but something told me that it probably wasn't a good idea to go in there. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. st $14.99. start with soup, salad ancheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect cour
noncitizen voters. mean while there is another voter i.d. battle taking place in texas, sued by the obama justice department, the federal trial over voter i.d. has wrapped up and in the next hour we'll talk with the sponsor of this state law in texas about his react and about the controversy over voter i.d. in the voter fraud segment we have every week in the next hour. >> jamie: a breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's and important one, researchers have made a find that could be key to protecting patients against it. details from the doctors in sunday morning house call, coming up. stay with us. >> jamie: our ballooning u.s. deficit. that is not an understatement. it is raising fears, too, that the u.s. economy may be dragged right back into recession. we're on track to exceed a trillion-dollar deficit for the fourth straight year. republicans and democrats are at odds over how to get it under control and if they can't agree we'll see a series of tax hikes and spending cuts that could kick in, next year. senior business correspondent brenda buttner, the an
to the military future. states rights vs. civil rights as texas gets ready to argue its voter i.d. law is legal and the justice department is overstepping its bounds. all that and jack's snack packs. meet a little guy on a very big mission to give the troops a little taste of home. i'm shannon bream. "america's news headquarters" live from the nation's capital starts right now. >> shannon: syria is staging a big show of military might in what appears to be a warning to other countries. stay out of its conflict. syria's state-run news agency says the military is conducting exercises to help troops ready to turn back outside aggression. peter doocy joins us live with details. hello, peter. >> hi, shannon. it was four months ago that kofi anaan laid out the six point peace plan as part of his duty as the special u.n. envoy and the first part of that plan called for a cease-fire but that did not catch on and neither did the rest of the plan so now, anaan says so far, the peace process has failed telling a french newspaper that "significant efforts have been made to try to resolve this situation pea
and strength in the lord. we bring in ed young, a pastor in grapevine, texas and joins us via skype. the question all of us have been asking is -- how do we make sense of this? >> you can't make sense of it. the bible is very clear. it tells us we live in a fallen world and bad things happen to good people and innocent people. and this whole question of pain is one of the most difficult things to grapple with. however, i think we need to move rapidly from the why question to the what question, not just why me, not just why did this happen? but what should we do because of this? >> eric: recently, you were warning about the dangers of the internet, saying people being online all the time, impacts personal relationships. we have reports that the suspect spent all of his time alone in his apartment, online and maybe role-playing, adult-type web sites. what are your concerns about the culture? what is happening to our culture isn't internet and the ethics of all of this? >> i think social media is great. but there is a definite dark side to it. i think we need to be very, very careful w
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.m., northern virginia and kentucky are included in those areas. heavy rains in eastern texas, four inches of rainfall. parts of kentucky, as well. over virginia and north carolina in through tomorrow strong to severe storms and a lot of heavy rain. keep that in mind, you will need the umbrellas but you will get a bit of relief from hot temperatures. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: now to indiana, they are urging residents to cut back on water usage. most are being asked to voluntarily reduce it by 5%. in harder hit areas, they are being asked to scale back 10% or more. the spokesman says the system is overburdened. >> there is a lot of water being used and lots of water going through our aging infrastructure that can create possible water main breaks. reservoir levels are also dropping. >> gregg: utility warning the supply levels continue to drop a mandatory ban will be issued. >> heather: new reaction from lawmakers in both parties as we see new signs of the fragile u.s. economy may be stalling. june's jobs numbers a huge disappointment. only 80,000 jobs were created. lacklust
agreements. >> reporter: three other cities have earned multiple junk bond ratings, itselffield texas and two in rhode island but another 22 towns have a junk bond rating from one of the ratings firm including camden, new jersey home to 80,000 people. >> they have been getting along the last two or three years in muddling through to avoid bankruptcy process. >> reporter: even cities like chicago with stronger finances and bond ratings are unnoticed. moody's downgraded their rating in april because of underfunded pension plans. >> gregg: peter, thanks very much. >> patti ann: new calls from governor momney's allies to get tougher on the campaign trail. this after obama's campaign manager saying the governor may have committed a felony. scott walker says it's time for the governor to fire back. he is saying the president's team does not want to run on his record. he has to be forceful about fighting back. so joining us to talk about this julie a fox news contributor and advisor frank lauten brg. thank you both for joining us. >> let's start with the accusation itself. is there any truth that ro
, oklahoma, northern parts of texas. we're talking about heat index values in excess of 100 degrees up to 115 degrees. what a heat index value of 115 means is that when you head outdoors, it feels like 115 degrees, very dangerous stuff. as we head into the next couple of days, we're not really going to be seeing much relief as far as those top temperatures, triple digits for today. into tomorrow, 108 could be your high temperature in tulsa, oklahoma. kansas city, 102 for tomorrow. to kick off the workweek, more triple digit heat. 110 in tulsa. 106 could be the high temperature in little rock. then the other extreme. flash flooding going on right now across portions of new england and northeast. massachusetts, connecticut, and portions of upstate new york dealing with flooding, even along long island with strong storms that are rolling through. we also have a risk for some severe weather with some of those storms, large hail and damaging winds being the main concerns. we'll keep you posted as we got warnings. >> jamie: we really appreciate it. thank you so much. rick? >> ricky: new details abo
in their footsteps. >>> like texas, florida, south carolina, north dakota. so what is the winning formula for them? >> when we look like a state in texas, no state income tax. they create a low tax environment where businesses wanted to come in and wanted to hire and they want to grow their businesses. low taxes has to be top of the list here. we have very friendly political environment. going out of their way. politicians attract these businesses to the state. they create zones where businesses can come in and set up, electricity at attractive prices. they created an environment where businesses want to come in there. >> what is keying that from happening under the obama administration nationally? >> clearly we have white house how it is to do this. we have congress thinking another way. we have a political election coming down in november. all this ambiguity is killing us killing the small business owner. small business owner represents 70% of all the new jobs that are created in this country. what happens when you have that money in your pocket you are going to hire somebody out there all this
unfortunately we're going the see heavy downpours around houston, texas and coast of louisiana where we're going to continue to see heavy rain forming during the afternoon and evening hours as we get some of the daytime heating. otherwise we're going to see a lot of heavy rain, further across utah. parts of arizona and nevada and southern california, an additional one to two inches of rainfall will be possible through tonight. we've seen a lot of moisture and ground is saturated with the heavy rains. there are a number of watches across these states in effect later on tonight. further north in idaho, western montana and eastern parts of oregon and washington, strong to severe storms and large hail and damaging wind gusts will be possible. we'll keep i posted and up to date here. further east across the center of the country, extreme heat. hundred degrees will be high in rapid city. that is where the temperatures re headed further to the east grandson the great lakes over the northeast in the next couple of days, by tuesday, it could be 93. >> i have one word -- yikes. >> gregg: well said. >> all
across areas of east texas stretching across the mid-mississippi valley as well as in areas of virginia and north carolina. big areas of rain this week, a lot of people are extremely dry because of the high temperatures we've had and big relief at least for some rain as well as with these temperatures. take a look at your temperatures for tomorrow. so monday, headed back to work, you got 80's all the way down in across parts of the south but certainly 80's in and around the great lakes. great news, the heat has to go somewhere, though, so it moves out across areas of the west. 113 in phoenix and 97 across areas of montana. big pattern swap for us. welcomed relief, jamie, for rain and a real welcome relief for temperatures by the time we get to tomorrow. >> jamie: absolutely. thanks, rick. eric? >> eric: dry weather is leaving oklahoma in an official drought. the situation now is threatening the livelihood of farmers in the southeastern part of the state. many of them say they are struggling to keep their animals alive. >> it means that i have had to sell part of our capital assets to s
philosophy you stick as closely to the texas possible, in deciding whether or not a law is constitutional or not. and, one of the things in this book he does is lays out principles of sound judging, one of those, canon 38 is, you know, don't try to pick a fight with the legislature if you can find a way to say the law is constitutional, do it and i said didn't judge roberts adhere to the canon because he fondled a way to say it was constitutional by saying the mandate, is actually a tax and he said, no. not at all, because he said you cannot say a pig is a penalty and that is what roberts did, you you have to find a way, and, it has to be a -- to be supported in this way and there is no way to say the mandate is a tax when really it is a penalty. >> jamie: does he believe, the justice, the gun control issue will come before the court in short order. >> absolutely. not necessarily because of what happened in colorado, but, because they left it wide open and said there is an inherent right to bear arms and he was the one in 2008 who struck down, he was -- wrote the opinion that struck down
for them taking place today in ohio and texas respectively. >> and mayo clinic giving details about jesse jackson junior's medical condition. the illinois congressman is being treated for depression. >> growing concerns over the potential danger of national security leaks. earlier this week, the head of a special operations command warned that the leaks are putting american lives at risk. the man who oversaw the raid who got osama bin laden. >> we need to do the best to clamp down on it. sooner or later it will cost people their lives. >> so on top of all this, there are new questions about the c.i.a. and its handling of national security information for an upcoming movie about the bin laden raid. they found a thick stack of documents that involve the cooperation with the filmmakers saying the documents were quote overlooked and none of this sat too well with our next guest. peter king from new york, chairman of the house homeland security committee. congressman, thank you for joining us this particular day. with so much on your mind about what is going on, one issue in particular keeps c
with omaha and st. louis. in tulsa, amarillo, dallas, texas, little rock on tuesday, we are expecting hundred degrees for your high temperature. you add in some humidity it feels worse. so a number of excessive heat warnings are in place. eastern portions of nebraska and kansas for the next several days. kentucky, southern parts of illinois and southeastern missouri, looking at some of the excessive heat warnings. that is where heat index values, when you factor in temperatures and high levels of humidity, heat values are going to be well over hundred degrees reaching dangerous levels for people outdoors for long periods of time. rainfall we need it over most of the lower 48, and affecting the city of chicago, dry across the center of the country, we had a batch of storms moving through minnesota earlier today now into parts of wisconsin. >> gregg: maria, thanks very much. >> arthel: they are saying golden ears may not be shining brightly. millions of older americans may be in danger of losing their homes. >> gregg: plus the downfall of a sports icon. penn state's child sex abuse scandal topp
the aspiring sports journalist will be buried today in her hometown in texas. she narrowly escaped death in a shooting in toronto. matt will be laid to rest in springfield, ohio. one of the three men hailed as heros for shielding his girlfriend from gun fire. and jesse childress will have a memorial service at buckley air force base. in a motion filed by james holmes defense teams they want investigators to turn over the notebook that holmes sent to dr. lin fenton. the prosecution is objecting. the ap is reporting dr. fenton was disciplined back in 2004 for not keeping updated records prescribing medications to not only herself but also her family as well as colleagues. but lawyers right now are really both just focusing on monday's arraignment. we will learn the extent of the charges against holmes. we know that he is facing 12 counts of first-degree murder but potentially up to 58 counts of attempted first-degree murder. >> carol chambers has to make decisions. streamline the case with just murder charges or want to throw the book at the defendant. for example you can charge him with p
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. congressman a democrat in texas he was leaning toward a full extension. here is congressman colin peterson. he will vote for both even though his preference would be to extend all bush-era tax rates and do tax reform in 2013. i am in the camp we shouldn't be raising taxes where the economy is where it is. i don't want to get into the fight how many democrats do you think will cross over. that is my question to you. senate democrats they only lost two votes for their tax plan bill. >> going back to what he said i think there is something important we shouldn't miss. he says i don't want to get into fight with the group about raising taxes or should we not. the one thing that americans have to understand that republicans in the house are essentially holding hostage tax breaks for the middle-class. i think everyone across the board agrees we should not be raising taxes on the middle-class right now. >> heather: matt, jump in again. both plans don't raise taxes for the middle-class. >> that is untrue. what we are talking about here, what the democrats want to do, what president obama wants to do i
is the governor of the state of maryland. >> there are crews that are now driving here from texas, from florida, from places very far away, but the challenge with this storm, there were a couple. number one, it had hurricane impact but without hurricane warning. so we did not have the sort of three days to mobiles and bring those crews in before the storm hit. >> reporter: as you look around the streets, around the suburban area, you see a tremendous number of traffic lights that are not functioning. a lot of shopping centers that are closed down. a lot of gas stations that are closed down. we have heard reports of people waiting in line for gas as long as two hours. as of the power crews there are not many of them. they are still engaged in preliminary preparation. >> crews are out and about. we are doing the downed wires. doing the emergency work, that have to be done now. so when you see a truck you may see it hour or two and run to another stop. we are doing the absolute critical that has to be done. >> reporter: a representative with the dominion power that provides much of the state of vi
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Search Results 0 to 48 of about 49 (some duplicates have been removed)